Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stabilize Your Pelvis

Having low back pain?  Are you getting shooting pain down your legs?  Soreness in your tush?  Achiness in hips?  Is one leg shorter than the other?  Pubic bone pain?  Incontinence?

All of these issues can be traced to soft tissue imbalance in the pelvis.  An unstable pelvis can cause so much pain and discomfort in pregnancy, and out of pregnancy.  Here I will share suggestions made and collected over the years to help stabilize the pelvis.

"The Granny Swing"

I LOVE this one!  It's so simple, easy to do, and almost everyone can do it.

  • When getting in and out of the car, keep your knees and feet together.  Sit on the seat first and then swing your feet in/out together.  
  • When getting up and into bed, swing your legs together.  If you need help, ask your partner.  
  • When getting in and out of a chair, keep your knees and feet together.  Plant your feet on the ground before you take off a toddler or errant four-legged child.  

"The Shimmy"

This move is exactly what it sounds like.  My wonderful belly dance teacher, Anna Melzer, taught me this one.  It is best done right out of the shower.

  • Stand with your feet under your hips.
  • Make sure your knees are soft.
  • Quickly shake your bottom from side to side.
  • Keep your gluteals as soft as you can.  The softer your glutes the better the shimmy.
  • When you can hear your skin slapping together, you're doing it right!

Why do we do this?  When muscles are stimulated like this it wakes them up.  Literally.  There are nerve receptors (motor gamma neurons) that are stimulated to help allow the muscle to relax enough so it can contract in a more efficient manner.

Roll It Out

Here we are using a tool to apply self massage.  Grab a tennis ball, a small yoga ball, a Miracle Ball, a foam roller, what ever you have at hand, place it on an area of the pelvis that is tender, sore, tense, uncomfortable and roll out the discomfort.   Be gentle, go slow, keep yourself stable.  This is a common sense tool.  If it hurts, don't do it.

Spinning Babies

I would be remiss not to list this resource as well.  I have found Spinning Babies techniques useful for pregnant and non-pregnant people.  Using the Three Sisters (Balance, Gravity, and Movement) to loosen the soft tissues of the abdominal and pelvic cavities is one of the best approaches I have found, personally, and in practice.  Check out the site and have fun!

Get Some Bodywork

An obvious suggestion coming from me.  Bodywork can be any number of modalities.  We are fortunate in the Twin Cities to have a plethora of talented and dedicated practitioners in the area. Here are some of my favorite modalities:

There are so many great ways to get help to balance your body.  Be kind to yourself and your body.  Explore what works for you in your life style.  Pelvic stability improves your core functions, alleviates pain in the body, and for those who are pregnant - an improved chance for baby to be in an optimal position for birth.

Have a great week!

Disclaimer:  This is not medical advice, not meant to substitute or replace medical advice.  All information is shared in the spirit of returning lost knowledge to the people.  If one is in doubt as to whether anything here is appropriate, ask a provider.


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